Help Stop Global Warming. Protect our ecosystems.

For now, and for the generations after us.

Join our network and be part of this community of early career scientists who want to do research for a positive future on our planet!


We are a group of Young Scientists from Latin America aiming to promote networking, integrated science and soft skills. We are currently working towards creating a platform to implement our objectives. Please feel free to join, everybody is welcomed.


Understanding and explaining interactions within atmos-, bios-, cryos- and hydrosphere can help to face directly our huge challenges to get them resolved urgently.

This network works on the basis of promoting integrated science, enhancing networking and improving soft skills in order to create better scientists.


All members are welcome to post events, news items, job offerings, comments on the blog and anything deemed beneficial to everyone.


Please do more than just belong, participate!   

Get Involved

We would like to invite you to get part of this new network!

Share your experience and your passion with motivated young scientists, get support and new ideas.

Together we are much more than the sum of our parts!


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